Whitewater Sprayskirt Fit List
Your boat Best Fit
Bliss Stick Blitz, Slickstick,RAD, LK #200
Bliss Stick Freestyler,Lifestyler, Flipstick PK#225
Bliss Stick Huka XLK #275
Bliss Stick RAD-195,MAC1 EWK#290
Dagger Icon,Kingpin,Juice,G-Force,GT,GTX,ID,Ego,Showdown,
Medival,Blast,Redline,Infrared,RPM,RPM MAX,Crossover,Piedra,Animas,Gradient
LK #200
Dagger Crazy BB,MAMBA PK#225
Eskimo Nano, Salto Quadro, Zwo, Kendo, Diablo, Cerro, Gattino, Gambler, Topolino, Topolino Duo, Zeno LK #200
Euro Kayak Cypher, Probe, Rapidfire, Enigma LK #200
Fluid Flirt,Series LK#200
Jackson Fun1 Fun1
Jackson Fun1.5 RK#160
Jackson Star MEDK#175
Jackson 2Fun,Fun,All Star LK#200
Jackson 4Fun PK#225
Jackson Super Fun EWK#290
Liquid logic Session, Session +, Skip, Pop, Huck, Gus, Space Cadet, Airhead LK #200
Massive Mad Dog, Mojo MEDK #175
Necky Switch, Witch, Zip, Gliss, Bliss, Rip, Jive, Jive 8.10 SCK #190
Neckey Crux PK#225
Necky Blunt XLK #275
New Wave Quantum SK #150
New Wave Sleek, Attitude, Strobe LK #200
New Wave Cruise Control, Mongoose MK #250
Noah Innuendo21, Avito LK #200
Northwest Photon LK #200
Perception Jib, Wavehopper, Dancer, Dancer XS, Mirage, Reflex, Spirit, Quest STD #100
Perception Dancer XT, Sabre SK #150
Perception Super Sonic, 8.1, 8.5, Blaze 6.9, 7.1, Lucid, Full Tilt, Spin, Java, Amp, Shock, Method, Method Air, Madness, Phat, 3D, Overflow, Mr Clean, Ultra Clean, Whipit, Whiplash, Sparc, Stikine, Corsica, Corsica S, Matrix, Fox, Dancer Pro, Supersport, Pirouette, Pirouette S LK #200
Perception Arc, Overflow X MK #275
Perception Gyromax, Slasher Perc C1 #325
Prijon Fly, Rockit, Alien, Hurricane, Cyclone MEDK #175
Prijon Embudo, Kompressor, Delerium, Chopper, Alien, Luv, Delirious, T Canyon, Beluga, Invader, T Slalom, Taifun LK #200
Prijon Boxer, Machine, Kaituna, Samurai, Tornado, Yukon Expedition XLK #275
Pyranha Ina Zone 212 STD #100
Pyranha Razor 260 Razor
Pyranha I3- 221, 222, 223 Sub 6's, Sub 7's, Ina zone 220, 222, 230, 232, 240, 242, Pro Zone 225, 230, 235, Attak, Storm, Blade, Acrobat 270, 275, 300, Stunt 300, Mountain Bat, Magic Bat, Stunt Bat LK #200
Pyranha H3- 235, 245, 255 H2 Zone, Micro 230, 240, 250, Creek 280, Mountain 300 XLK #275
Rainbow Sayan, Zulu , Funky
Riot Boosters, Trickster, Prankster, Dominatrix's , Disco's, 007, Glide, Slice, Hammer, Kix, Sick, Boogie, Techno RK #160
Riot Superstar, Grind, Showbiz, Kewl LK #200
Robson Red Fred, Supersonic MEDK #175
Robson Monster XLK #275
Savage Scorpion, Gravity, Fury RK #160
Savage Skream, Beast, Maniac LK #200
Wavesport Transformer T1, EVO STD #100
Wavesport Siren MEDK #175
Wavesport Transformer T2, T3, T4, Ace 4.7, Ace 5.1, Mutant, EZ, Big EZ, XXX, Foreplay, Score, X, Y, Z, Stubby, Godzilla, Kinetic, Micro X, Frankenstein, Lazer, Excel, Extreme, Fusion, Descente LK #200
Wavesport Super EZ EWK #290
Skirt Type
O Basic O-Ring
DO Dur-O-Ring
EZDO Easy on Dur-O-Ring
L Lindberdeck
FSS Fatlip Sealskin
Deck Size
100 STD-Standard1 7.5*29
150 SK-Small Keyhole 18 x 31.5
160 Riot Keyhole 16.5*32
175 MEDK-Medium Keyhole 18.375*32
190 SCK-Skinny Keyhole 17.5*33.5
200 LK-Large Keyhole 18.5*33.5
250 MK-Monster Keyhole 20.5*35
275 XLK-Extra Large Keyhole 1 8.5*36.5
290 Extra Wide Keyhole 21*36.5
300 Dagger C-1
325 Perception C-1
400 Snyder Squirtboat
450 Angst Squirtboat
500 Pyranha Razor
Mountain Surf manufactures high performance sprayskirts for whitewater, and touring kayaks and decked canoes. By paying close attention to the deck, seal, barrel placement, and their interdependent relationships with the cockpit rim, we achieve an extremely dry and secure skirt without relying solely on seal tension. We don't make one skirt to fit everything from a Dancer to a Tornado but we do make the best line of high performance sprayskirts to fit these two boats and all boats inbetween.

All whitewater sprayskirts are available with optional, Double Barrels, or shorter barrels for Ladies skirts

Bombproof indicates a tight fit required for the highest level of performance. The Easy On skirt fit provides high performance without the difficulty of installation associated with our bombproof fit. Basic O-Ring skirts are only available in Easy On Fit. Easy On Fit is available in the Lindberdeck and as well as the Dur-O-Ring. Ripcords are bar tacked with Aramid thread and box X tacked for durability.
The unique half round seal of the O-Ring skirt was designed to fit the radius under the cockpit rim of plastic boats. We do not recommend O-Ring style skirts for composite boats since this tenacious seal can be difficult to remove from a composite cockpit rim. Originally developed for squirtboats, Lindberg technology excels on composite boats.
It is very important when choosing any sprayskirt, that you can install and remove the sprayskirt reliably, safely, and without assistance, while sitting in your boat. This is also a good opportunity to test the tenacity of the seal by pressing on the deck. When removing your sprayskirt it is important that you pull up and then back on the ripcord releasing the seal from the cockpit rim. Pulling up and back requires less effort and does less damage to your deck and ripcord. Always inspect your sprayskirt and gear for wear or damage before your next boating trip!
If your boat is not listed here, call Mountain Surf for recommendations. For custom orders, please include your waist size and measurement from the small of your back to the outside of the cockpit rim. K1 barrels are 10.5" tall, C1 barrels are 14" tall. We may need a cockpit tracing to assure a proper fit. Custom orders require additional charges.
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